Plymouth IN

Days Inn …
Equivalent to a cheap motel in Canada.

Simple put I’m planning to avoid these from here on. It was a cramped room, smelt funny, tiny bathroom which had barely enough room for my legs whilst using the lavatory, and one of the washcloths was dirty. Ew!
Hardly luxurious by any standards.
Avoid unless you’re desperate like we were. But make sure to visit Christos in the days inn parking lot.



We didn’t stop for long in Illinois. Just a quick jaunt over lunch. Stopped at a little diner called Cindy’s on 34th. It was the typical road side diner.
The food wasn’t too too bad. I enjoyed my deep fried chicken and iced burg lettuce salad. It gets old after a few times but it’s still a good hearty classic.

The big shocker was dinner. We stopped in Plymouth Indiana for the night. Across the parking lot from the Comfot Inn is a place called Christos. We both opted for the pasta features they were offering. Gigantic meal! The meal came with soup, salad, dinner rolls and dessert. For nothing!
The most shocking thing? It was amazing food. When you walk into the place you really don’t expect much of the food based on the look of the place.
I ordered the cheese ravioli in Alfredo sauce. It arrived piping hot, covered in melted cheesy goodness. First bite was sublime and what?! Is that fresh pasta? Holy crow! It is! A little hole in the wall that’s serving fresh pasta? My mind is still reeling on how good my dinner was.
Funny enough I was wishing for a real gourmet meal. No more places that believe that a salad consists of ice burg lettuce and dressing. No more deep fried everything… And then it happened like a wish come true.
While not an OHMIGAWD this is the best meal ever, it was decent and really good.
Overall, if you find yourself in Plymouth Indiana I suggest giving this place a visit.


Overall the roads that we travelled were well looked after. There was a little bit of construction along the way but nothing too severe as to slow us down. The trees were lush and plentiful, the road simple and mostly straight. There were gentle curves every so often that kept the ride interesting. Mainly the highlight of the road we travelled was the scenery. From lush tree lines to quaint dairy farms, this road w packed with fun stuff to gaze at as we rushed on past.
My partner in crime, whom I really should name since I know I will continue to refer to her frequently, noted that at one point there was a slight cleaning in which sat a giant yellow UFO complete with alien peaking out to say hello. Somehow even with those bright colors I managed to over look it.
During this part of the ride I did see a majestic bald eagle soaring overhead. I haven’t seen one for a few years as they are rare in Alberta. The only reason I have actually seen many of them was because I lived in their winter home for three years. The shear size of them is overwhelming. They really are the embodiment of majesty.

Dinner in Madison

The last time my P.I.C. stayed in Madison she went to this little middle eastern restaurant. She raved about the diverse flavours and the fact that they out raisins in their rice. A surprisingly good combination actually.

Kabul is the name of the restaurant down on state street.
She didn’t lie. The flavours are complex, robust and wonderful. We shared hummus with sumac to start, the perfect combination. Our meals both came with a bowl with their special home made soup. It was warm and spicy. Even thought it was hot outside, somehow this hot soup was refreshing. I chock that up to the shear amount of protein in it.
I enjoyed their vegetarian ashka. Ashka are steamed dumplings verging on ravioli. They had smothered them in a green bean and spicy tomato sauce then topped them with cooling yogurt.
My companion enjoyed ginger chicken with saffron rice. My couple of tastes of the dish left my mouth craving more. The flavours were so full and bold. It was perfectly seasoned. So flavorful.

I suggest giving Kabul a visit if you find yourself in Madison. I really enjoyed the food there. Even though the restaurant is kind of kitschy and doesn’t look like much the well crafted house made food is well worth the visit.